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Hi, I’m Alexis. 


When I was nine years old, I visited a movie set and I was enamored by how the scenes were assembled to set the stage for everyday scenes. From that day on, I knew that I wanted to be involved in design and in creating the backdrops of people’s real lives. 


Eventually, I was able to study design in college and go on to begin my career in set design for film and television. Not long after I started a family of my own, my ideas about home and its purpose began evolving. As a new mother, I was spending much more time at home. With three little ones underfoot, it was more important to me than ever to create a sanctuary I could return to each day that was inspiring and effortlessly livable. With that in mind, The Hills Design Co. was created. 

Recent Projects

Alexis Dotzler, The Hills Design Co, Knoxville, TN

My Approach

My design work is heavily influenced by my other great love: travel. Visiting other locales and countries gives me incomparable perspective and limitless inspiration. I love to immerse myself in other cultures, absorbing their daily rituals and the traditions and beliefs around the sacred space we call home. Learning about how different people live in their space and how that informs their design decisions has taught me so much about how to curate a timeless, comfortable home. I take those lessons and apply them to my work in the studio, helping clients create homes that help them to live more intentional lives.

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