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3 Design Mistakes to Avoid

About your Art

A common misconception is that a small space only warrants small pieces. Larger pieces actually bring in visual interest, texture, and color, completing the look of the space. And when hanging pieces, don't go too high or too low. Aim for the center of the piece to hit 60 inches, directly at eye level for most.

A personal pet peeve of mine is when an art piece hangs a bit crooked. An easy solution is to make sure you are using two hooks or nails vs. hanging on a wire. I use these little clear bumpers on all the corners of my art to help keep them level.

Photo from Luxe Magazine


Hanging your Drapes

When hanging drapes, I like to go as high as possible. As a general rule, I mount the hardware about 2-3 inches below the ceiling or crown molding - this will make both the room and window feel taller! Hanging curtains too low from ceiling causes the room to compress. Instantly, the ceiling feels lower, and your space will feel small.

I take my drapery rods out about 4-6 inches, not including the finial. This extension helps the window appear wider and not crowded. I prefer drapes to just "kiss" the floor or have a 1-2" break. A break is when the drapes buckle slightly at the bottom. You will absolutely get what you pay for when it comes to drapes. There are companies like The Shade Store that will give you custom drapes for a more affordable price point.

Architect Paul Lamb and Interior Designer Fern Santini

Photo via Pinterest



When choosing accessories look for items that fit your color scheme and include a variety of textures and finishes. Travel souvenirs, vintage items, and personal photographs all make unique accessories that tell a story and differentiate your décor. Don’t forget to add plants and flowers to help bring a space to life.

The secret to successfully displaying accessories is to look for ways to group them by shared characteristics. Forming groups of similar objects will create more impact than displaying singular items. Arranging accessories in groups of odd numbers is more appealing than even groupings. Including a combination of different heights, textures, and shapes will produce the most appealing and interesting arrangements.

What is my one exception? Books on a coffee table. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned!


If you are looking around your house realizing you have made some of these design mistakes, no worries! They are fairly simple fixes and I'd be happy to help you correct them! An e-design appointment would be perfect for this.

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