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Top Design Trends in 2020

Trends are always changing and while it is a bit of a guessing game as to what will be next, you can take a quick look at Instagram or Pinterest and clearly see what is "currently in".  I'll save you the time and give you a few of my favorite trends I am seeing in 2020: warm earth tones, bold monochromatics, Grandmillenial style (don't worry, I'll explain), mixing old + new and floral wallpaper.

Design :Studio McGee

In 2020, the warmer neutral palette is back! Think greige, mushroom, terra-cotta, olive and brown. I pushed back on this trend at first but I'm here for it now. When layering items with texture, you are adding interest without having to incorporate more colors to the mix. Some ways to do this are with a boucle chair, a jute rug, or textured vases.


Design: PMQ for two

There are a lot of people who will cringe at the word "wallpaper". I am not one of those people. Wallpaper, specifically floral wallpaper, has come a long way and a powder bath is the perfect space to have a little fun and make a statement.


Monochromatic can be a bit daring. It is full of personality, elegance and packs a big punch. Here you see it in a shower using an olive tile. You might see an image floating around of an entirely cobalt blue bedroom. If color is your thing- go for it!


Design: Beata Heuman

Grandmillineal. Eccentric English Grandma. What. Is. That? Emily Henderson describes it in the absolute best way so I'm going to use her words to paint you a picture.

"Well, it’s super eclectic, very collected, full of stories – some safe, some inappropriate. There is an “I don’t care because I’m on my way out” vibe about it, which you could also interpret as brave, risky, and full of confidence. It does not look “designed,” only lived in and loved. I picture her just a touch senile, with a dirty martini in her hand, perhaps some sort of old Hollywood headpiece, and head to toe in patterned clothes. She freely tells us about her affair with Wes Anderson (a younger man! Grandma!) and maybe she has tons of cash hidden around the house. But she’s a little old world too – she loves a floral print, she’s always ready to put the kettle on and share some well earned life experience, and her shelves are stuffed with souvenirs from decades of travel. My friends love her, and my kids can’t wait to visit her because surely she will tell them something they are far too young to hear." It's multiple patterns, delicate prints, all of the florals, wide pleated lampshades, ruffles, scallops, patterns and then more patterns. Ok, are we on the same page now? It is imperative that you tell me your thoughts on the grandma trend. Do you dig it? Are people crazy? Are you somewhere in between?


deVOL is also a great place to look for vintage, but you can always wander through your local thrift shop, flea market or estate sale. I love a good vintage piece. In fact, I've been visiting Round Top Antique Show every year for the last six or seven years searching for one of a kind items. I'm very happy that old meets new is now a trending idea. Vintage adds history and personality to a new space. Maybe you can add vintage items that have been in your family for decades. If you know the story behind something, it can be an awesome conversation piece.


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